Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus

Sluispolderweg 53
Zaandam, North Holland, Netherlands

Defunct, Uncompleted from ≤ to




'Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus' is named after the owner and chocolate brand 'Tony Chocolonely'. This is a young Dutch chocolate making company with a focus on fair trade chocolate. Their aim is to produce chocolate made of 100% 'slave free' cacao - meaning cacao cultivated and harvested without the use of child and/or slave labour.


Tony's Chocolonely planned to use '(Pakhuis) De Vrede' (Dutch for '(Warehouse)the Peace') as its new offices and headquarters, together with a restaurant and conference facilities. The building - a former steam flour mill - dates back to 1917 and is protected as a monument. It was planned to construct right behind the historical building two factories with production lines and the theme park. The container terminal partially situated on the same premises is presently occupied by CTVrede Steinweg B.V..


The Tony Chocolonely company was planning on having an investor buy the real estate property so they could it lease it from them. This whole process had been delayed but the chocolate company still expressed their intentions to have the park built.

In December 2021 the Tony Chocoloneley company announced that altered investment strategies and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic have made the company to abandon the 'Tony's Chocoloneley Chocolate Circus'-project.


'Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus' would have been a real life working production line that could be visited by guests to see the process of making chocolate. Together with the production lines, an indoor theme park would be added.


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