Length360.9 ft
Height16.8 ft
ElementsCable Lift Hill
Cable Lift Hill


Arrangement2 cars. Riders are arranged inline in a single row for a total of 1 riders per car.
Built byWiegand


This is a single rail flying roller coaster. So it is a bit of a suspended roller coaster as well.
This is a self-operated ride without an operator present. Riders go up a set of stairs and lay down on their stomach into the "tube". There are no restraints whatsoever; you can hold yourself by the bars in the "front window" of the car. You put a smart card in the box on your left hand side and when the light turns green, you push the start button.


"Hexenbesen" is German for "Witch's Broom(stick)". In the hills surrounding the place, there are legends of the devil and witches -- this has become local folklore.


The Hexenbesen has a 65 kg weight limit.
The Hexenbesen is the prototype of the Hexenbesen/Wie-Hex/Mystical Hex product line. The track is somewhat differen from the later models.


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