National Amusement Device Company

139 South Hatfield Street
Dayton, Ohio, USA

Defunct, Operated from 1920 to 1973


Roller Coasters:38 (3 relocated)
Notes:Started by Aurel Vaszin who moved to the United States in 1912 from Romania.

By 1959, NAD is said to have built more than 400 roller coasters.

NAD built a roller coaster in the country of Guatemala in the late 1940s or early 1950s.  This was a ravine coaster and it has been said "workers had to dig 38 feet out of the side of a mountain to get the right grade."  It was over a mile long and lasted only a few years as the new government used it for firewood.  What the name of this park was isn't known at this time.

In 1973 Aurel Vaszin sold the company to a Toledo firm, which renamed it the International Amusement Device Inc.
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