Molina & Son's

3352 N.W. South River Drive
Miami, Florida, United States

Defunct, Operated


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4Moli-Coaster (Low Park Model)
3Moli-Coaster (Trailer Mount)


Former statusOperated
Roller Coasters Built26
Roller Coaster Locations27
Extant Roller Coasters9


The following is quoted from a mid-1990s Molina brochue: Something About The Owner The owner of Molina & Son's (MANUEL "MOLINA" DIAZ) was formerly an employee of Ben Schiff & Associates from 1950 to 1960 as a Mill-wright shop foreman and field set-up man during the production of the Schiff Roller Coaster, Wild Mouse, Schiff Ferris Wheel and other Schiff's Kiddie Rides. When Mr. Schiff discontinued his manufacturing business, Manuel embarked on supplying the industries with replacement parts and field trouble shooter with the blessing of Ben Schiff. Several years later, Molina & Son introduced their own model -- "The Moli-Coaster". Hence the Moli-Coaster (and other rides) is a copy of the Schiff's original coaster, updated, improved and interchangeable with any of the now existing Schiff's Roller Coasters in operation. It is to be understood that Manuel nor Molina & Son never purchased or obtained Mr. Schiff's business or its assets, nor assumes any liabilities of Mr. Schiff's previous business or rides.


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