William H. Labb

Roller Coasters



Here is the complete list of pre-1906 Figure 8s that the Chicago Coaster Co. ads attributed to Labb. Some of them are a bit obscure, and the city is wrong for Ponce de Leon. Labb was superintendent for park construction there in 1903, and the ride was also described as a Giant Toboggan Slide.

Dreamland, Decatur, Ill.

Mannion's Park, St. Louis.

Wonderland, Danville, Ill.

Cycle Park, Dallas, Texas.

Highland Park, Houston, Texas.

Lincoln Park, Jacksonville, Fla.

Ponce de Leon, Macon, Ga.

Monta Santa Park, Augusta, Ga.

Thunderbolt Park, Savannah, Ga.

And many others.


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