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Company: Schwarzkopf (Münsterhausen, Bavaria, Germany)

Discontinued, Manufactured during 1980s


Roller Coasters:4 (3 relocated)
See also:Alpenblitz I, Alpenblitz II, City Jet / Jet 400, Double Looping, Double Looping (with additional trackway curve), Jet Star, Jet Star 2, Jet Star 3 / Jumbo Jet, Jumbo V, Katapult, Looping Star, Münchner Bahn, Speed Racer / Extended Jumbo Jet
Notes:Three Silver Arrow / Silberpfeil units were produced:
1) The Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa (Tampa Bay, Florida USA) is a stationary unit.
2) A transportable unit has been to four known locations in the UK: Ocean Beach Amusement Park, Camelot Theme Park, Dreamland and Loudoun Castle.
3) A transportable unit that traveled Africa with Magic World Amusement Park under the name "Looping Star" until 2011 when it has been kept at the Rand Show in Johannesburg.

A Silver Arrow was present at the OK Corral in France in the 1980s.  It isn't known which of the two transportable units this was.
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