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There were only 5 Schwarzkopf Katapults built. Four were built in early 1980 and opened in 1980. The fifth unit was built for Goetzke-Merkl later in 1980 with some improvements and opened the following spring.

- this was the prototype, delivered to Norbert Witte. It has done quite some fairs and fixed parks: Germany, USA (Morey's Piers), Netherlands, Finland (Linnanmäki). It ended back up in Germany again.

- was delivered to Cecile Hoffman in France. It is now in storage with Spanish showman Paco.

- was delivered to Heittmann & Altrogge and went through former eastern Germany back to the present company Gerstlauer.

- was delivered to German showmen Edgar Arnoux & Schmidt and it premiered at the 1980 Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. Afterwards it was sold to a showman in France and the ride was seen on the fair of Nancy. After that, it was sold to Holland to the company Euromill BV (made up of the following people : Joop van Rijssen, Jan Coolen en T. Boesveld sr.). It was seen running in Holland in 1987. Euromill sold the ride to Barbieri in Italy. Barbieri had the ride in storage and for sale for nearly 10 years. Barbieri is thought to be a part owner of Mirabilandia.

- was delivered to Goetzke-Merkl in München. It went to the USA and after that it came back to Europe to find a place at OK Corral, France. These last have sold it to Leon Snep who refurbished it and who wanted to tour the Dutch and German fairs with it this season. The ride isn't ready yet though.

One of these (blue track, white supports and a gray base) appeared at a local fair in Bern, Switzerland and was owned by Swiss showman Hans-Ulrich Arpagaus.

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