Stacked Storage

Definition: Stacked Storage means that the coaster's storage track is located underneath the station track. Standard storage track is generally located parallel to the general start or ending of the ride's layout and is whether or not covered by a shelter or building. It is reached by a track switch system. With Stacked Storage, the storage track is situated one level below the station track itself. With the station being at a level of +1, the storage track is situated at level 0. The train is moved into and out of storage by a lift system. This lift system lifts the station track one level (+2) so the track from level 0 is connected to the rest of the track at level +1. A train can then be moved out of or into storage after which the station lift lowers the station track back to level +1 and the storage track back to level 0. With this arrangement it is as if both track sections are stacked one upon the other, hence Stacked Storage.

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