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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 StorylandAsbury Park, New Jersey, USA-1955-
 Storybook LandEgg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USAOperating19551
Storybook LandAberdeen, South Dakota, USAOperating1997 or earlier1
 St. Louis's Incredible Pizza CompanySt. Louis, Missouri, USAOperating2008 or earlier1
 Stewart Beach ParkGalveston, Texas, USA--
 Stella ParkJackson Heights, New York, USA-1907-
 Steeplechase PierAtlantic City, New Jersey, USA-1899-
 Steeplechase ParkBrooklyn, New York, USA-1897-
 Steeplechase ParkRockaway Beach, New York, USA--
 Steeplechase IslandBridgeport, Connecticut, USA-1892-
Steel PierAtlantic City, New Jersey, USAOperating18982
 Steamboat ResortSteamboat Springs, Colorado, USAOperating19631
 State Street ParkChicago, Illinois, USA-1883 or earlier-
 State Fair ParkOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAOperating-
 State Fair of TexasDallas, Texas, USAOperating7/3/1886-
 Starlight Amusement ParkBronx, New York, USA-1918-
 Stanton ParkSteubenville, Ohio, USA--
 Stahley'sRochester, New York, USA-1892-
 Stage Coach Stop USAOnsted, Michigan, USA-1993 or earlier-
 Spring ParkTuscumbia, Alabama, USAOperating1
 Springlake ParkOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA-1924-
 Sports Plus Entertainment CenterLake Grove, New York, USA--
 Sportland PierWildwood, New Jersey, USA-1957-
 Splash Zone Water ParkWildwood, New Jersey, USAOperating-
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