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Criteria:Design = Sit Down
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeStatusOpened
Great ChaseSix Flags New EnglandSteelOperating
Great ChaseSix Flags AmericaSteelOperating
 Great CaterpillarDong Ying the Yellow River Delta ZooSteelOperating
Great American Scream MachineSix Flags Great AdventureSteel-
Great American Scream MachineSix Flags Over GeorgiaWoodOperating
Greased Lightnin'California's Great AmericaSteelRelocated
Greased Lightnin'Six Flags Discovery KingdomSteel--
Gravity Slide Black MountainCzarna GóraSteelOperating
Gravity Roller CoasterSchnepf FarmsSteelOperating
 Gravity RoadLakemont ParkWood-
 Gravity RoadWashington ParkWood-
 Gravity RailwayGlen Echo ParkWood-
 Gravity RailwayCeloron ParkWood-
 Gravity Pleasure Switch Back RailwayConey Island - LaMarcus ThompsonWood-
Gravity MaxDiscovery WorldSteelOperating
Gravity CoasterScience CitySteel-
 Grant's Russian Toboggan SlideGreater Ontario BeachWood-
Gran MontserratParque Espana-Shima Spain VillageSteelOperating
 Grand Scenic RailwayBritish Empire ExhibitionWood-
Grand Prix GalaxyGrinnlandiyaSteelOperating
Grand PrixFun LandSteelOperating
 Grand National SteeplechasePirate's WorldSteel-
Grand NationalBlackpool Pleasure BeachWoodOperating
 Grand NationalBritish Empire ExhibitionWood-

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