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Location = Mexico
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
JubiléSelva MágicaSteelSit DownOperating
 Jungle CoasterSelvatica - The Adventure TribeSteelSit DownOperating
Medusa Steel CoasterSix Flags MexicoSteelSit DownOperating
 MistralAztlán Parque UrbanoSteelSuspendedUnder Construction
Monopoly the RideHasbro CitySteelSuspendedOperating
Montaña LocaParque Los ValentinosSteelSit DownOperating
Montaña RusaParque BicentenarioSteelSit DownOperating
Montaña Rusa Ala DeltaParque de Diversiones QuiquelandSteelInvertedSBNO
 MontańitaParque EmeSteelSit DownOperating
OrugaParque de la SelvaSteelSit DownOperating -
OrugaParque Infantil CuauhtémocSteelSit DownOperating
Plane CoasterVentura Fly & Ride ParkSteelSit DownSBNO
Raton LocoMundo DivertidoSteelSit DownOperating
Selva del RatonParque BicentenarioSteelSit DownOperating
Spinning CoasterParque de la SelvaSteelSit DownOperating -
Superman el Último EscapeSix Flags MexicoSteelSit DownOperating
Superman Krypton CoasterSix Flags MexicoSteelSit DownOperating
TitánSelva MágicaSteelSit DownOperating
Tobogán de la MontañaEcoparque Cerro de EscamelaSteelSit DownOperating
 TobogganParque de Diversiones Anita Nueva AventuraSteelSit DownOperating
TsunamiSix Flags MexicoSteelSit DownOperating
 Wacky WormParque Infantil SonoraSteelSit DownOperating -
 WildCatParque de Diversiones Anita Nueva AventuraSteelSit DownOperating
Wonder WomanSix Flags MexicoSteelWingOperating

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