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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersPosted
 Great Adventure Amusement ParkFlushing, New York, USA-1950s-
 JeepersWest Nyack, New York, USA-1998-
 Coney Island - Kaufman - EastBrooklyn, New York, USA--
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 2Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Land of FunBrooklyn, New York, USA--
 Paul Boyton's Sea Lion ParkBrooklyn, New York, USA-1895-
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 3Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Freedom Land U.S.ABronx, New York, USA-6/19/1960-
 Bayville AmusementsBayville, New York, USA--
 Woodcliff Pleasure ParkPoughkeepsie, New York, USA--
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 4Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Sports Plus Entertainment CenterLake Grove, New York, USA--
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 5Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Glen ParkWilliamsville, New York, USA--
 Dealing's RidesAmherst, New York, USA--
 Midland Beach ParkStaten Island, New York, USA--
 Victorian GardensNew York, New York, USAOperating20031
 Smiley's HappylandBethpage, New York, USA-1950s-
 Suburban ParkManlius, New York, USA-1957 or earlier-
 Massapequa Zoo & Kiddie ParkMassapequa Park, New York, USA--
 Airport KiddielandBinghamton, New York, USA-1956-
 Kiddie CityDouglaston, New York, USA-1955-
 Fun & Games ParkTonawanda, New York, USA--
 Kids 'N ActionBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating1995 or earlier1
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