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Criteria:Design = Sit Down
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeStatusOpened
 Virginia ReelRevere BeachWood- -
 Derby RacerRevere BeachWood-
 Jack RabbitRevere BeachWood-
 Dragon GorgeRevere BeachWood-
 Oriental RideRevere BeachWood-
 Derby RacerPinehurst ParkWood--
 ZipWhite CityWood-
 Scenic RailwayWhite CityWood--
 WildcatEnna Jettick ParkWood-
 TicklerLakeside Amusement ParkWood--
RocketOcean View Amusement ParkWood-
 Figure 8Ocean View Amusement ParkWood--
 Scenic RailwayOcean View Amusement ParkWood--
 Leap The DipsOcean View Amusement ParkWood--
 Skyrocket Jr.Ocean View Amusement ParkWood-
DipsBuckroe Beach ParkWood-
CycloneRock Springs ParkWood-
 DipsWest Virginia State Fair ParkWood-
 Figure 8Palisades Amusement ParkWood-
 SkyrocketPalisades Amusement ParkWood-
 Toboggan RacerPalisades Amusement ParkWood-
 Big Scenic RailwayPalisades Amusement ParkWood-
 CometPalisades Amusement ParkWood-
 CyclonePalisades Amusement ParkWood-

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