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Criteria:Opened = 1976
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
DemonSix Flags Great AmericaSteelSit DownOperating
CorkscrewCedar PointSteelSit DownOperating
Screamin' EagleSix Flags St. LouisWoodSit DownOperating
Texas CycloneSix Flags AstroWorldWoodSit Down-
DemonCalifornia's Great AmericaSteelSit DownOperating
Thunder RoadCarowindsWoodSit Down-
PythonBusch Gardens TampaSteelSit Down-
WhizzerSix Flags Great AmericaSteelSit DownOperating
High RollerValleyfair!WoodSit DownOperating
New RevolutionSix Flags Magic MountainSteelSit DownOperating
Jet Star 2LagoonSteelSit DownOperating
Super ScreamerAdventurelandSteelSit DownRelocated
Mad MouseJoyland Amusement ParkSteelSit DownRelocated
Die WildkatzeBusch Gardens WilliamsburgSteelSit DownRelocated
Mild ThingValleyfair!SteelSit Down-
ZyklonWestern FairSteelSit Down-
ExtremerollerWorlds of FunSteelSit DownRelocated
WhizzerCalifornia's Great AmericaSteelSit Down-
CycloneGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomSteelSit DownRelocated
#LikeMe CoasterPlopsaland De PanneSteelSit DownOperating
NyckelpiganGröna LundSteelSit DownOperating
Wacky Soap Box RacersKnott's Berry FarmSteelSit Down-
Jet CoasterEverlandSteelSit Down-
KeverbaanSlagharen Themepark & ResortSteelSit DownRelocated

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