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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 2Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Land of FunBrooklyn, New York, USA--
 Paul Boyton's Sea Lion ParkBrooklyn, New York, USA-1895-
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 3Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 4Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 5Brooklyn, New York, USA--
 Kids 'N ActionBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating1995 or earlier1
 Coney Island - Joe BonsignoreBrooklyn, New York, USA--
 DreamlandBrooklyn, New York, USA-5/15/1904-
 Coney Island - LaMarcus ThompsonBrooklyn, New York, USA--
 Luna ParkBrooklyn, New York, USA-1903-
 Bergen BeachBrooklyn, New York, USA--
 Coney Island - Independent Vendor 1Brooklyn, New York, USA-1962-
Luna ParkBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating1927 or earlier4
Scream ZoneBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating4/23/20112
 Golden CityBrooklyn, New York, USA-5/31/1907-
 JeepersBuffalo, New York, USA-1999-
 New Liberty ParkBuffalo, New York, USA-1949-
 Carnival CourtBuffalo, New York, USA-5/25/1904-
 Pan-American ExpositionBuffalo, New York, USA-5/1/1901-
 Roseland ParkCanandaigua, New York, USA--
 Sherman's Amusement ParkCaroga Lake, New York, USA-1969 or earlier-
 Pine Lake Recreation ParkCaroga Lake, New York, USA-1930s-
 Lake Chautauqua ParkChautauqua, New York, USA-1885-
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