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Criteria:Current Status = Operating
Type = Steel
Design = Sit Down
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
CaterpillarPark Planet LetaSteelSit DownOperating2009 - 2011
Roller CoasterPark Planet LetaSteelSit DownOperating2013 - 2014
 unknownPark ReemSteelSit DownOperating2003 or earlier
DragonParks and GamesSteelSit DownOperating2006
Loch Ness MonsterPark Severnoye TushinoSteelSit DownOperating2011 - 2012
 unknownPark SudostroiteleySteelSit DownOperating4/2002
 American HillsPark TopolyaSteelSit DownOperating2007 or earlier
 Montanha RussaPark TrombiniSteelSit DownOperating2003 or earlier
 BrucomelaPark TrombiniSteelSit DownOperating2003 or earlier
 unknownParku 7 XhuxhatSteelSit DownOperating2007 - 2009
 unknownPark VRZSteelSit DownOperating2004 - 2008
 Tren AéreoParque Aventura d'OrSteelSit DownOperating2010
GusanoParque BicentenarioSteelSit DownOperating3/21/2009
Selva del RatonParque BicentenarioSteelSit DownOperating3/21/2009
Montaña RusaParque BicentenarioSteelSit DownOperating3/21/2009
 GusanitoParque BimbolandiaSteelSit DownOperating2002 or earlier
 GusiParque BorundaSteelSit DownOperating2003
Montanha Russa do AstronautaParque da MônicaSteelSit DownOperating7/5/1997
TarántulaParque de Atracciones de MadridSteelSit DownOperating5/14/2005
AbismoParque de Atracciones de MadridSteelSit DownOperating6/27/2006
Vagones LocosParque de Atracciones de MadridSteelSit DownOperating6/2/2007
VértigoParque de Atracciones de MadridSteelSit DownOperating5/15/2009
TNT Tren de la MinaParque de Atracciones de MadridSteelSit DownOperating3/30/2012
 unknownParque de Atracciones de Plaza MayorSteelSit DownOperating2003 or earlier
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