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Criteria:Model Line = Mine Coaster (2x2) - Jinma Rides (Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China)
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
Gold Mine TrainHappy ValleySteelSit DownOperating
 unknownSilk Road ParadiseSteelSit DownUnder Construction
 unknownOcean Flower Island FairylandSteelSit DownUnder Construction
 unknownHappy ValleySteelSit DownUnder Construction
 unknownAquatic ParadiseSteelSit DownOperating
Space PulleyBeijing Shijingshan Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating
Mine EscapeHappy ValleySteelSit DownOperating
Osprey Mine TrainChongqing Sunac LandSteelSit DownOperating
unknownXuzhou ParadiseSteelSit DownOperating
Mine Roller CoasterGreat Xingdong Tourist WorldSteelSit DownUnder Construction
Mine TrainColourful Yunnan ParadiseSteelSit DownOperating
Monte Carlo TrackHappy ValleySteelSit DownOperating
Mine CarSun Tzu Cultural ParkSteelSit DownOperating
Night RescueOriental HeritageSteelSit DownOperating
Land of Lost SoulsOriental HeritageSteelSit DownOperating
Mount TanggulaFantawild Theme ParkSteelSit DownOperating
Crazy Mining CartLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating
Night RescueOriental HeritageSteelSit DownOperating
unknownVictory KingdomSteelSit DownRelocated
Mine AdventureSplendid World Fantasy LandSteelSit Down-
Mount TanggulaFantawild AdventureSteelSit DownOperating
Expedition of VolcanoHappy ValleySteelSit DownOperating
Gold Mine TrainHappy WorldSteelSit DownOperating
Mount TanggulaFantawild DreamlandSteelSit DownOperating

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