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Criteria:Design = Sit Down
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeStatusOpened
Crazy Flying Mouse1001 FairylandSteel- -
Spinning Yacht1001 FairylandSteel- -
 unknown1001 FairylandSteelOperating
 Virginia Reel12th Street AmusementWood-
 Virginia Reel12th Street AmusementWood-
 unknown1968 Hokkaido Grand FairSteelRelocated
Butterfly1. Kärntner ErlebnisparkSteelOperating
Super Extreme1st of May ParkSteelOperating -
Cyclone20th Century Fox WorldSteel-
Rolling Thunder Mine Train20th Century Fox WorldSteel- -
Corkscrew20th Century Fox WorldSteel- -
 Sons of Anarchy & Weyland Yutani20th Century Fox WorldSteelUnder Construction
 unknown20th Century Fox WorldSteelUnder Construction
 Alien Vs Predator20th Century Fox WorldSteelUnder Construction
Potential Energy Train29-3 ParkSteelOperating
High Speed Dragon29-3 ParkSteelOperating
unknown29-3 ParkSteelOperating
 unknown50 Year ParkSteel-
Dragon50 Year ParkSteelOperating -
unknown5 Dragon Keija Custom ParkSteelSBNO
 unknown72 Tan ParkSteel- -
 Dragon Coaster'87 Future Tohoku ExpositionSteel-
 Camel Coaster'87 Future Tohoku ExpositionSteel-
 Screw Coaster'87 Future Tohoku ExpositionSteel-

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