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Criteria:Opened = 1960
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
 Big CheeseWestern PlaylandSteelSit DownRelocated
 Big DipperOcean Beach Amusement ParkWoodSit Down-
 Comet Jr.Hart ParkWoodSit Down-
 FlashState Fair of TexasSteelSit Down-
Golden NuggetDinosaur BeachSteelSit DownRelocated
 Mad MouseComo TownSteelSit Down-
Mad MouseLake WinnepesaukahSteelSit Down-
Magic DragonZooTampa at Lowry ParkSteelSit Down-
 Mite MouseSmiley's HappylandSteelSit Down-
RockyKintetsu AyameikeSteelSit Down-
Roller CoasterBurlington Amusement ParkSteelSit DownRelocated
 Roller CoasterKiddieland ParkSteelSit Down-
Runaway Mine TrainFrontierland Family Theme ParkWoodSit DownRelocated
SkylinerRoseland ParkWoodSit DownRelocated
Wild MouseLand of FunSteelSit Down-
Wild MouseQuassy Amusement ParkSteelSit Down-
 Wild MouseGay Dolphin ParkSteelSit DownRelocated
Wild MouseBelmont ParkWoodSit DownRelocated
 Wild MouseCanadian National ExhibitionWoodSit Down-
 Wild MouseIndian Lake PlaylandSteelSit Down-
 Wild MouseSpringlake ParkSteelSit DownRelocated
 Wild MouseOlympic ParkSteelSit Down-
Wild MouseClarence PierSteelSit DownRelocated
 unknownKiddielandSteelSit Down-

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