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Near = Airway Fun Center (Portage, Michigan, United States)
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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
 Craig's Cruisers Family Fun CenterWyoming, Michigan, United StatesOperating - 143.6 mi
 Bendix Woods County ParkNew Carlisle, Indiana, United States--162.1 mi
Fun Center at Paige's CrossingColumbia City, Indiana, United StatesOperatings175.9 mi
Michigan's AdventureMuskegon, Michigan, United StatesOperating784.9 mi
Craig's Cruisers Family Fun CenterMears, Michigan, United StatesOperating1109.5 mi
Harvest Tyme Pumpkin PatchLowell, Indiana, United StatesOperating1113.1 mi
Indiana BeachMonticello, Indiana, United StatesOperating7117.8 mi
Haunted TrailsBurbank, Illinois, United StatesOperating1119.7 mi
Six Flags Great AmericaGurnee, Illinois, United StatesOperating15121.6 mi
Safari LandVilla Park, Illinois, United StatesOperating1127 mi
Bengtson's Pumpkin FarmHomer Glen, Illinois, United StatesOperating1129.8 mi
Sonny Acres FarmWest Chicago, Illinois, United StatesOperating1136.8 mi
Santa's Village AZoosment ParkDundee, Illinois, United StatesOperating2138.6 mi
CJ Barrymore's Family Entertainment CenterClinton Township, Michigan, United StatesOperating2138.6 mi
 Scene75 Entertainment CenterRomeoville, Illinois, United StatesUnder Construction1138.9 mi
 Malibu Jack'sLafayette, Indiana, United StatesUnder Construction1143.8 mi
 Funland Amusement ParkHoughton Lake, Michigan, United StatesSBNO1149 mi
Donley's Wild West TownUnion, Illinois, United StatesSBNO1152.8 mi
Cedar PointSandusky, Ohio, United StatesOperating17156.9 mi
Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis, Indiana, United StatesOperating1173.5 mi
Scene75 Entertainment CenterDayton, Ohio, United StatesOperating1180.4 mi
Little AmerrickaMarshall, Wisconsin, United StatesOperating4188.8 mi
Columbus Zoo and AquariumPowell, Ohio, United StatesOperating2191.8 mi
Cedar Valley's Wild Frontier Fun ParkComins, Michigan, United StatesOperating2192.6 mi

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