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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersPosted
 Kiddie LandSt. Louis, Missouri, USA-1950-4/25/2017
The Branson CoasterBranson, Missouri, USAUnder Construction201713/15/2017
 St. Louis's Incredible Pizza CompanySt. Louis, Missouri, USAOperating2008 or earlier111/3/2016
Hydro AdventuresPoplar Bluff, Missouri, USAOperating200324/13/2016
Branson Mountain Adventure ParkBranson, Missouri, USAOperating8/12/2016112/3/2015
 Electric ParkKansas City, Missouri, USA-1899-12/1/2014
 Carnival ParkKansas City, Missouri, USA-5/25/1907-12/1/2014
 Winnwood BeachKansas City, Missouri, USA-1911-12/1/2014
 Forest ParkKansas City, Missouri, USA-1903-12/1/2014
 Fairmount ParkSugar Creek, Missouri, USA-1892-12/1/2014
 Downs' ParkSt. Louis, Missouri, USA-1899 or earlier-11/29/2014
 Holiday HillSt. Louis, Missouri, USA-1955-11/29/2014
 West Lake ParkBridgeton, Missouri, USA-1924-11/29/2014
 West End HeightsSt. Louis, Missouri, USA-1904-11/29/2014
 Suburban GardensSt. Louis, Missouri, USA--11/29/2014
PowerPlay Family Entertainment CenterKansas City, Missouri, USAOperating201414/15/2014
 Lake of the Ozarks Amusement ParkOsage Beach, Missouri, USA-1968-11/29/2013
 Electric ParkKansas City, Missouri, USA-5/19/1907-4/21/2012
 Delmar GardenUniversity City, Missouri, USA-1908-4/2/2012
 Lakeside ParkCarthage, Missouri, USA-1894-9/2/2010
 Electric ParkJoplin, Missouri, USA-1909-9/2/2010
Worlds of FunKansas City, Missouri, USAOperating5/26/19737
Six Flags St. LouisEureka, Missouri, USAOperating19719
Silver Dollar CityBranson, Missouri, USAOperating19606
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