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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersPosted
 Electric ParkKankakee, Illinois, USA-1894-12/30/2016
 Exposition ParkAurora, Illinois, USA-1922-12/30/2016
 DreamlandDecatur, Illinois, USA-1905-12/30/2016
Haunted TrailsJoliet, Illinois, USAOperating198819/2/2014
 Fun Fair Kiddy ParkSkokie, Illinois, USA-1951 or earlier-1/15/2014
Donley's Wild West TownUnion, Illinois, USAOperating197416/23/2012
 Al Fresco Amusement ParkPeoria Heights, Illinois, USA-6/10/1905-6/17/2012
Enchanted ForestUtica, Illinois, USAOperating2006-10/10/2010
Six Flags Great AmericaGurnee, Illinois, USAOperating5/29/197614
 Hillcrest ParkLemont, Illinois, USA-1952-
KiddielandMelrose Park, Illinois, USA-1929-
Go BananasNorridge, Illinois, USAOperating1
Santa's Village AZoosment ParkDundee, Illinois, USAOperating19592
 Old ChicagoBolingbrook, Illinois, USA-1975-
Safari LandVilla Park, Illinois, USAOperating9/17/20021
 FuntownChicago, Illinois, USA-1950-
 Adventureland ParkAddison, Illinois, USA--
 Go Bonkers NowArlington Heights, Illinois, USA-2000-
 DinorexCrystal Lake, Illinois, USA-2001-
 Enchanted CastleLombard, Illinois, USAOperating-
 House of KicksChicago, Illinois, USA-3/2002-
 DinorexAddison, Illinois, USA-2003-
 Haunted TrailsBurbank, Illinois, USAOperating19751
 Riverview ParkChicago, Illinois, USA-1904-
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