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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 Starlight Amusement ParkBronx, New York, USA-1918-
 State Fair of TexasDallas, Texas, USAOperating7/3/1886-
 State Fair ParkOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAOperating-
 State Street ParkChicago, Illinois, USA-1883 or earlier-
 Steamboat ResortSteamboat Springs, Colorado, USAOperating19631
Steel PierAtlantic City, New Jersey, USAOperating18982
 Steeplechase IslandBridgeport, Connecticut, USA-1892-
 Steeplechase ParkBrooklyn, New York, USA-1897-
 Steeplechase ParkRockaway Beach, New York, USA--
 Steeplechase PierAtlantic City, New Jersey, USA-1899-
 Stella ParkJackson Heights, New York, USA-1907-
 Stewart Beach ParkGalveston, Texas, USA--
 St. Louis's Incredible Pizza CompanySt. Louis, Missouri, USAOperating2008 or earlier1
 Storybook LandEgg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USAOperating19551
Storybook LandAberdeen, South Dakota, USAOperating1997 or earlier1
Story LandGlen, New Hampshire, USAOperating19542
 StorylandAsbury Park, New Jersey, USA-1955-
Stratosphere TowerLas Vegas, Nevada, USAOperating4/29/1996-
 Streamland ParkPico Rivera, California, USA-1953 or earlier-
Stricker's GroveRoss, Ohio, USAOperating19242
 Suburban GardensNortheast, Washington, D.C., USA-1921-
 Suburban GardensSt. Louis, Missouri, USA--
 Suburban ParkManlius, New York, USA-1957 or earlier-
 Suker's KiddielandLos Angeles, California, USA-1956 or earlier-
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