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Criteria:Roller Coasters
Current Status = Operating
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignOpened
 unknownYing Xiang Ecological ParkSteelSit Down -
 unknownYing Xiang Ecological ParkSteelSit Down -
 Speed CarYing Xiang Ecological ParkSteelSit Down
 unknownYining Amusement ParkSteelSit Down
 unknownYinjiang Happy IslandSteelSit Down -
Crazy MouseYinxian ResortSteelSit Down -
Roller CoasterYinxian ResortSteelSit Down
 unknownYinxian ResortSteelSit Down
 Chang'e Roller CoasterYinxian ResortSteelInverted -
Single Loop Roller CoasterYiwu ParadiseSteelSit Down
Outer Space Flying CarYiwu ParadiseSteelSit Down -
Pine Forest Flying MouseYiwu ParadiseSteelSit Down
 unknownYiyuanSteelSit Down
Fruit Worm CoasterYiyuan ParkSteelSit Down
Diving Coaster: VanishYokohama CosmoworldSteelSit Down
Spinning CoasterYokohama CosmoworldSteelSit Down
Family Banana CoasterYokohama CosmoworldSteelSit Down
BanditYomiurilandSteelSit Down
Momonga Standing and Loop CoasterYomiurilandSteelStand Up
Wan Wan Coaster WanditYomiurilandSteelSit Down
Spin RunwayYomiurilandSteelSit Down
Space VehicleYongchuan People's SquareSteelSit Down
 unknownYongle ParkSteelSit Down
 unknownYongle ParkSteelSit Down -

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