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Criteria:Roller Coasters
Current Status = Operating
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignOpened
 unknownCool ParkSteelSit Down
 unknownLinyi Zoological and Botanical GardenSteelSit Down -
 unknownGulong Gorge Scenic SpotSteelSit Down -
 unknownZhucheng Wild ZooSteelSit Down -
 unknownKangqiang Happy WorldSteelSit Down
 unknownCem Dana LunaparkSteelSit Down
 unknownProtaras Fun ParkSteelSit Down
 unknownDo'stlik ParkSteelSit Down -
 unknownLeisure Island Fun ParkSteelSit Down
 unknownNandaihe International Amusement CenterSteelSit Down -
 unknownFantasy ValleySteelSit Down
 unknownLonggang Happy WorldSteelSit Down
 unknownLonggang Happy WorldSteelSit Down
unknownAydoğdu LunaparkSteelSit Down
 unknownWuhan Flower GallerySteelSit Down -
unknownAtlas ResortSteelSit Down

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