Giant Racer

Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Removed, Operated from 1911 to 1926

Roller Coaster · Wood · Sit Down

Make: Arthur Jarvis


Length:900 ft900 ft


Cost:$180,000 USD
Location:This roller coaster predates Astroland, but it existed in the same physical spot where Astroland exists today.  The Giant Racer was removed to make way for the Cyclone.
History:The Dreamland fire in 1911 occurred during the construction of the Giant Racer.  The Giant Racer only suffered minor damage as it had a steel structure.  It has been said the Giant Racer acted as a firebreak and helped prevent the spread of the fire.

In 1916 the roller coaster was moved 70 feet closer to Surf Avenue (away from the beach) to increase profits and get it off a section of beach which was to have free access to the public.

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Giant Racer - Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

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Giant Racer - Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)