Pine Lake Recreation Park

Caroga Lake, New York, USA

Defunct, Operated from 1930s to 1970s

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Kiddie CoasterSteelSit Down1967 or earlier1967 or later
Roller CoasterWoodSit Down1967 or earlier1967 - 1975


Location:Located at the junction of Route 29A and Route 10.
Notes:The park was reopened in 1975 (when it closed isn't known), but the roller coaster was not operable due to rotting wood. The new owner (G. William Brandeau) claimed to be in the process of rebuilding it.

A 1936 article mentions a roller coaster at this park. The "Roller Coaster" listed below appears to be a NAD built "Comet Jr." model. These models are not believed to have existed prior to 1948. If this is all true, then this park had a roller coaster that predated the two currently listed here.
Owner / Operator:The park was purchased in 1961 by Pine Lake Recreation, Inc. (Robert E. Lord). In 1975, G. William Brandeau was mentioned as the owner.

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