Elements:Chain Lift Hill


Former names:Sidewinder (8/4/1961 to 1961)
Trains:Single car trains. Riders are arranged inline in 2 rows for a total of 2 riders per car.
Facts:La Cucaracha's queue building was reused by "El Sombrero" a Chance built "Trabant" ride with a Mexican hat theme.

Some references state this mouse was relocated to Forest Park. This is complicated because the Cucaracha was a Herschell Mad Mouse model while the Forest Park was a Monster Mouse model. It may be the Mad Mouse was upgraded to a Monster Mouse as part of the move. This was an add-on available from Herschell. Whether this is what happened or not has yet to be proven.
Etymology:While in the Mexico section the roller coaster was called "La Cucaracha" (Spanish for "Cockroach").
Location:Originally opened in the park's US section under the name "Sidewinder". It was located next to the "Humble Happy Motoring Freeway" (now called "Exxon"). A second track was added to the Humble Happy Motoring Freeway for the 1962 season and the Sidewinder was relocated to the park's Mexico section.
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