Washington Park

Westville, New Jersey, United States

Defunct, Operated from to

Defunct Roller Coasters: 3

Gravity RoadWoodSit Down
Toboggan SlideWoodSit Down
Toboggan SlideWoodSit Down


The park suffered fires in 1909 and 1914. The 1909 fire did not damage either Toboggan Slide or the Aerial Railway.


The park's first Toboggan Slide was so popular, a second unit was built for the 1896 season.

Owner / Operator

In 1911, the proprietor William J. Thompson was declared bankrupt and shortly afterward died. With the park in receivership it was leased to the Delaware River Amusement and Transportation Company (controlled by Herbert Stetser). It was leased to Stetser again in 1912. The land was sold early in 1913 to a real estate firm thought to be acting on behalf of the Joseph Campbell Soup Company. The park was leased for operation a third season by the Stetsers in 1913. Herbert and Oliver Stetser changed their attention to Point Breeze Park in Philadelphia in 1914, abandoning Washington Park, and may have moved some equipment there from Washington Park. Remaining structures were demolished at the beginning of 1914, and replacement by a large manufacturing facility was announced, although this seems not to have been built until after the war.


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