Length197.5 ft
Height10.8 ft
Speed16.2 mph
ElementsBooster Wheel Lift Hill


ArrangementSingle train with 5 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 10 riders.


Former namesSerpentin (? to )
RelocationsParc Astérix as Ronde des Rondins
Fraispertuis City as Ronde des Rondins
Capacity600 riders per hour
Dimensions77.1 ft x 39.3 ft


This roller coaster is a bit hard to find if you don't know where to look. The roller coaster is located in "La fôret des Druïdes" (the forest of the druides), a children's play area. Starting at the park entrance you have a main street area that leads to the Roman theater. Here the midway splits, stay to the right heading towards the large rock formation which is part of "Le Grand Splatch". Don't go past the entrance to the themed boat ride "Epidemaïs Croisières" (Epidemäis's Cruises). In this area the powered cart track of "Les Espions de César" (Cesar's Spies) will be overhead. On the left side of the midway almost underneath the "Les Espions de César" will be a small uphill path. Follow this path and it will take you right to the Ronde des Rondins.


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