Length2640 ft
Height80 ft


Ads at the opening in 1894 described it as The Monster Mountain Schute, Intermural Railroad, and Toboggan Slide, but it was usually just named a toboggan slide.


Pre-opening description from the Perkasie Central News, May 3, 1894:
- It is the largest toboggan slide in the world.
 - It is the only toboggan built close to the ground, and consequently more safe than any other.
 - It is eighty feet high at the starting point.
 - Runs over the waters of Lake Lenape upon scaffolding forty feet high.
 - Is over half a mile in length.
 - Contains twenty thousand bolts and fifty thousand feet of lumber.
 - When riding in the cars a view can be had of five miles around.
 - Requires a twenty-five horse power engine and a forty-seven horse power boiler to operate it. 


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