Highland Park

Avon, Massachusetts, USA

Defunct, Operated from 1937 or earlier to 1938 or later

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

unknownWoodSit Down1937 or earlier1938 or later


Location:Avon Massachusetts contains a "Highland Street" which may have a connection with the former park. Aerial imagery from 1957 does now show any evidence of a park. The interchange of Harrison Boulevard and the Fall River Expressway (Highway 24) was under construction at this time and the park could have been a victim of this development.
Notes:An article on page 40 of the April 22nd, 1938 Billboard Magazine:

Highland Has New Pilotage In Avon, Mass. NEW YORK, April 16.

Harry C. Baker, amusement device engineer and amusement park operator, said Highland Park, Avon, Mass., will open under new management this year. New operating corporation, headed by Mr. Baker and Archie Bolter, Boston, plans to recondition the park considerably before opening day. Mr. Baker, agent for the park when it was operated under ownership of the late Charles Bunker, plans to renovate attractions, including Coaster, Whip, Carrousel, Skooter and Aero Swings. Several additions will be made, character not yet decided upon. Park will again utilize its spring water, location (half hour from Boston) and natural advantages for a big picnic and outing clientele. Free acts will be used, some being of large proportions such as rodeos and thrill shows. Highland Park has about 30 acres situated on modern highways between Boston and Brockton.
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