Length1765.1 ft
Height44.3 ft
Speed31.1 mph


Dimensions88.6 ft x 144.3 ft


This Jet Star should have arrived at Interama in 1979 along with other rides sold by Intamin such as the Wildcat. It did not appear in satellite imagery until 2001 or 2002 when it was haphazardly stored in front of the IMAX theater. Certainly, not how it would have been shipped from Europe. Where it was prior and if it was ever setup remains unknown.  
Pathways south of the IMAX theater were changed in preparation for the 2014 "Ciudad del Rock" festival. As a result, the Jet Star was removed and believed to moved to Rosario, Santa Fe and stored.
In October 2017, the Jet Star appeared at the Ferichaco fairground in Sáenz Peña after being refurbished. Now with white supports and yellow track.  This fairground has not previously had permanent amusement rides.
The Jet Star now travels with Fantastic Diverland based out of Chilecito, Argentina.


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