Removed, Operated from 1963 - 1965 to 1984

Roller CoasterWoodSit DownThrill

Track layout: Wild Mouse


Facts:This Wild Mouse was part of Melvin's Amusements which Trimper's Rides is thought to have purchased in the early 1970s and combined with their own park to form single larger operation. The two parks appear to have coexisted prior as Billboard Magazine issues from 1949 and 1959 have Trimper's listed as "Windsor Resort" with 10 rides. Likewise, a 1965 ad from "Melvin's Amusements" or "Melvin's Amusement Rides" (located at the inlet) sought someone to help operate the Wild Mouse. Later Melvin's ads mention South Division Street and Baltimore Avenue as an address -- Trimper's Rides is on the southeast corner of this intersection.
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