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In 1912, Bloomsbury Park was the terminus of the Glenwood Avenue streetcar line or blue line.
The latitude/longitude tagged here is based on ruins of Bloomsbury Park's Dance Pavilion existing in the back yard of the Bill and Betty Weber House at 606 Transylvania Avenue.


Today, the former park's Dentzel carousel exists at Pullen Park and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Owner / Operator

N. Webb Allreade was announced as the new park manager in 1915, but was no longer connected with the park in 1916.

Operating schedule

A local 1917 item about robberies at the park suggests that it was open that year. The article also mentions thefts of electrical transmission wire in its vicinity.
A 1918 item describes soldiers bivouacking at the (apparently closed) park -- they brought in a field generator to provide electrical power.
An October, 1920, newspaper item (on authorization to buy the carousel and move it to Pullen Park) notes "The scenic railway at Bloomsbury Park is still there though the amusement place has been abandoned for about three years."


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