Sybrandy's Speel- en Natuurpark

Liemerige Wei 4, 8567 HM
Oudemirdum, Friesland, Netherlands

Operating since

Telephone: +31 6 53797476

Operating Roller Coasters: 1

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'Sybrandy's Speel- en Natuurpark' is Dutch for 'Sybrandy's Play and Nature Park', named after the initial owner Rients Sybrandy.
Recreational park 'De Hege Gerzen' is situated in the province of 'Friesland' in the northern part of the Netherlands. Apart from Dutch, Frisian people use their own language (not a dialect) called West Frisian or short 'Frisian'. 'Hege Gerzen' is Frisian for 'Hoge Grazen' in Dutch or 'High Pastures' in English. It refers to a large pasture around which the park and recreation facilities are located.


'Sybrandy's Speel- en Natuurpark' was initially 'Sybrandy's Speelpark' situated in the same village, about 4 km from its current new location. The owner couldn't find anyone to continue the park which was initally set to close. A rescue operation led by Sjerp Jaarsma, the owner of nearby recreational park 'De Hege Gerzen' succeedded and the city agreed on granting a loan to help out.
Sjerp Jaarsma moved all of the rides from Sybrandy's Speelpark to De Hege Gerzen for the 2020 season. The moved park was here renamed to 'Sybrandy’s Speel- en Natuurpark' (Dutch for 'Sybrandy's Play and Nature Park').


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