Height21.3 ft
ElementsBooster Wheel Lift Hill
Chain Lift Hill


RelocationsMovie Park Germany as Vierer-Bob
Trentham as 4 Man Bob
Alton Towers as 4 Man Bob
Pleasure Island Family Theme Park as Four Man Bob
Flamingo Land as Flying Trapeze
Grove Land as Thunderbolt
Loudoun Castle as Gold Rush
Family Park as Gold Rush
Capacity520 riders per hour


Bembom Rides purchased this ride from Flamingo Land and did an extensive overhaul/renewal of every part: - The electrics were completely renewed and brought up to date by Gerstlauer of Germany. - The braking system went back to Zierer to be completely reworked by their workshops. - The tracks and pylons were all completely refurbished and brought back to the original standard. Then blasted and painted. - The cars were stripped down to their components, renewed, refurbished and a new design was then incorporated for the rebuild. This new design is of a mine car and incorporates a new safety feature. A lap bar system. - Once it was erected the ride was subjected to the most scrupulous examination by TÜV and was certificated for use.

Owner / Operator

Grove Land leased the Thunderbolt from Bembom Rides Ltd.


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