Height:21.3 ft
Capacity:520 riders per hour


Relocations:Trentham as 4 Man Bob
Alton Towers as 4 Man Bob
Pleasure Island Family Theme Park as Four Man Bob
Flamingo Land as Flying Trapeze
Grove Land as Thunderbolt
Loudoun Castle as Gold Rush
Designer:Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Facts:Bembom Rides purchased this ride from Flamingo Land and did an extensive overhaul/renewal of every part:
- The electrics were completely renewed and brought up to date by Gerstlauer of Germany.
- The braking system went back to Zierer to be completely reworked by their workshops.
- The tracks and pylons were all completely refurbished and brought back to the original standard. Then blasted and painted.
- The cars were stripped down to their components, renewed, refurbished and a new design was then incorporated for the rebuild. This new design is of a mine car and incorporates a new safety feature. A lap bar system.
- Once it was erected the ride was subjected to the most scrupulous examination by TÜV and was certificated for use.
Owner / Operator:Grove Land leased the Thunderbolt from Bembom Rides Ltd.
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