This was not a full circuit ride. A two car inclined railway (with the cars counterbalanced by a cable) took passengers to the top of the hill, where there was also an observation tower and (in the winter of 1894-1895) the start of a winter toboggan slide. The inclined railway also carried the two-seat (four passenger) roller coaster cars to the top of the hill. [The toboggans for the slide were pulled up by a separate cable lift.] The roller coaster closely followed the terrain for the run down the hill, claimed to be nearly three quarters of a mile.
The ride was destroyed by fire in April 23, 1904, before the start of the 1904 season. The fire destroyed the buildings, cars, inclined railway and parts of the down track. [The observation tower had been blown down in a May, 1900, storm.]

Owner / Operator

The coaster was owned by the New York and New Jersey Roller Coaster Company, a New Jersey Corporation having members of the Hinchliffe family of Paterson, New Jersey, as its major stockholders. It was built (and originally operated) by Virgil and William Cox. Designer is not named, but the construction contract was reportedly given to a Philadelphia concern (the Cox brothers were believed to be local contractors).


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