Length787.4 ft
Height52.5 ft
Speed29.2 mph
ElementsTire Propelled Launch (multi-pass)
Spiral Rollback
Tire Propelled Boost
Switch Track


ArrangementSingle train with 10 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders.


Dimensions229.7 ft x 157.5 ft


FirleFranz is a combination of the words Firlefanz and the name of the park mascot lion Franz-Xaver.
'Firlefanz' sort of translates into the English word 'frippery', meaning a 'a silly decoration or other unnecessary object'.
It is considered being part of the group of synonymical words for 'nonsense'.


FirleFranz passes through its layout twice. It initiates with a backwards multipass on the Spiral Rollback to continue the ride forwards. A section of switch track makes for the ride to arrive back in the station opposite to how it started. The ride then does the cyle again, but now with a forwards started multipass and a backwards travelled layout. The train finally arrives back in the station in the direction the ride experience started.


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