Former status:In Storage from 1997 to 2004
Operated during 1996
SBNO from 5/27/1995 to 1995
Facts:The Runaway Train was purchased from a defunct park in Germany along with the Shake Rattle & Roll and the Teacups.

When the Runaway Train was setup at Elitch Gardens it didn't operate for the opening season due to maintenance reasons. The "hot rail" which supplies power to the train needed replacement as the original was found to have been worn out after being in Germany. Obtaining the parts and installing them took long enough, that the ride didn't operate until the 1996 season.
After the 1996 season the ride was removed and the Mind Eraser was built in it's place. The Runaway Train sat in storage in the employee parking lot until the 2004 season. It seems to have finally been scrapped as it was an obstacle in a repaving project.
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