This roller coaster is very similar to the "Magic Mountain" (later named Höllenblitz) started by the Stein company for showman Renoldi. Due to financial problems, Stein was unable to complete the ride and the showman Renoldi finished the work.

The design was picked up by Maurer Söhne who produced at least one such roller coaster and sold it to Thailand. It is this roller coaster that Wonder Island purchased.

As originally built by Maurer Söhne, this roller coaster would have had a train of cars and not single cars as seen in an August 2005 advertisement by the park. It is suspected the park intended to modify the ride to use single cars built by Maurer Söhne.

What happened next is a bit of a mystery. In August of 2007 the ride was open, but it was no longer a roller coaster, but a single level dark ride. It is suspected the roller coaster project was abandoned due to complications and the dark ride was built inside of the pyramid structure instead.


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