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There is a bit of conflicting information regarding this roller coaster. Some sources state this roller coaster originated at the Columbus Zoo (who's amusement area later became known as Wyandot Lake) and was later moved to Olentangy Park. This appears to have been the wrong zoo. The Columbus Zoo on Riverside Drive did not open until 1927. Another Columbus Zoo opened in 1905 according to information from the Clintonville Sesquicentennial Historical Committee: "Little is known about the Columbus Zoological Company or the Columbus Zoo. It first appeared in the 1903 City Directory as "Columbus Zoological Gardens, High 2 mile north of city limits." On May 28, 1905, the Columbus Zoo held its official grand opening. The zoo occupied 215 acres in Beechwold, and included not only animals, but rides, picnic grounds, merry-go-rounds, billiard halls and a dance pavilion. The Columbus Zoo closed on October 7, 1905, just four short months after its official opening. All that remains of the zoo is the Monkey House (now a private residence), Rustic Bridge Road (the kissing bridge) and Elk Drive." The listing mentions "High 2 mile north of city limits". "High Street" is a major north/south road going through Columbus. Olentangy Park was also located on High Street a short distance north of the city. A zoo was added to Olentangy Park between 1899 and 1909. Based on this information I believe the "zoo" this roller coaster existed at was simply a section of Olentangy Park. Another interesting note is Olentangy Park was about 4 miles due east of the Columbus Zoo/Wyandot Lake.
At article in the May 23, 1903 Billboard Magazine mentions: "Olentangy Park at Columbus, O., opened its fifth season May 17. The park has the following amusements: New laughing gallery, three-way figure eight toboggan slide, bathing, boating and bowling, electric launches, a merry-go-round, ferris wheel, swings, billiard parlor, shooting gallery and dancing pavilion." What is confusing about this is the Forest Toboggan roller coaster is thought to have arrived in 1904 according to information from PTC. If this roller coaster was in existence in 1903, it predates the earliest PTC roller coaster known.

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