Giant Coaster

Harlem Park (Rockford, Illinois, USA)

Removed, Operated from 1912 to 1928

Roller CoasterWoodSit Down


Former names:Jack Rabbit
Designer:John A. Miller
Facts:It is possible this is an erroneous entry.  The owner of Harlem Park also owned Central Park which was only about two miles west of Harlem Park.  According to some references both parks had a Jack Rabbit roller coaster and both were later renamed to Giant Coaster.  Why would the same owner build two similar roller coasters so near to each other?

It has been said the owner moved rides from Harlem Park to Central Park.  The dates given for these roller coasters would make them coexist and therefore not possible to be the same physical roller coaster.

A 1923 Miller/Baker catalog contains a listing of roller coasters built during the "past three seasons".  In this listing a "Jack Rabbit" roller coaster is mentioned going to Rockford, IL.  Which park is not stated, but the mention of the "past three seasons" would eliminate Harlem Park as it is thought to have been built in 1912.  This would also further support a Jack Rabbit did not move from Harlem Park to Central Park.

Based on all of this, it is quite possible the only roller coaster to exist at Harlem Park was the Figure 8.
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