Location:This smaller roller coaster was located more to the north or rear of the park while the main large roller coaster was to the south or at the front along Broadway.
Notes:An interesting ad appeared on page 67 of the March 10th, 1958 issue of Billboard Magazine in regards to this park. Among other items listed for sale was the following:
Phil. Tob. Co.'s Jr. Roller Coaster
1 train of 4 cars
used only 1 season
Playland Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Based on various PTC lists there were around 5 PTC junior roller coasters built from 1952 to when this ad ran in 1958. None of these are thought to have gone to Playland Park. It is thought that Playland was selling just a PTC roller coaster train from this roller coaster that was built by another company.
A personal account of this roller coaster has it coexisting with the large roller coaster and that it only existed at the park a season or two, guessing it was gone before 1958.

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