Fun Junction

2878 North Avenue
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Defunct, Operated from 1954 to 2004

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

GalaxiSteelSit Down1998
Wild MouseSteelSit Down2001 or earlier


History:Fun Junction closed after a sewage flood. The following quote was taken from their website on 6/3/2005):
We lost our home, all of our belongings, & all of our business and office items to a sewage flood that was caused from a reported 80 pound grease plug in the main line on North Avenue. We had quietly endured this catastrophy in hopes that the City of Grand Junction, Fruitvale Sanitation or any other involved parties would help resolve this issue. Unfortunately this has turned into a 'finger pointing' contest and we still have lost everything with no resolution in sight. Again, we are so very sorry that our customers & employees have to share in our loss but with this big of a loss we have no choice. Unless a miracle happens (or someone assumes responsibility), we will be closed indefinately & selling the property in an attempt to recover.

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