Europalaan 1
Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands

Operating since

Telephone: +31 416 537 777

Operating Roller Coasters: 6

Vogel RokSteelSit DownThrill
Vliegende HollanderSteelSit DownThrill
Joris en de DraakWoodSit DownThrill
Baron 1898SteelSit DownExtreme
Max + MoritzSteelSit DownFamily
PythonSteelSit DownExtreme

Defunct Roller Coasters: 2

PegasusWoodSit DownThrill


According to the book "Kroniek van een Sprookje" (Dutch for "Chronicles of a Fairy Tale"). Efteling purchased a roller coaster in September of 1968 for €10.210 and never set it up. A rough drawing of the park at this time shows this roller coaster built in and around a mountain facade. It is labeled "Achtbaan (Zwitsers Berglandschap)", Dutch for "Rollercoaster (Swiss Mountains)". Contrary to what the book states, it isn't believed Efteling ever completed the purchase of this roller coaster.

Owner / Operator

Although Efteling is one of the major European theme parks, it isn't owned by an investment company, a park group or a family. The park was started in 1952 by 'Stichting Natuurpark de Efteling' ('Stichting Natuurpark' being Dutch for 'Foundation Nature Park'). In 1985, the company was converted into a Private Limited Company with Stichting Natuurpark de Efteling as its only shareholder and remains as such until today. The aim of the Foundation is: to provide and maintain recreational and leisure facilities and to promote tourism. The Foundation acts as a keeper of fairytales and guardian of the heritage.

Pop Culture

The Dutch 2020 movie 'De Expeditie van Familie Vos' (The Family Vos (Fox) Expedition) takes place at Efteling.
The Dutch tv-show 'Te land, ter zee en in de lucht' (Dutch for 'Over land, by sea and in the air'), by tv-channel Tros, was hosted several times by Efteling. This tv show ran from 1972 until 2008. Efteling mainly hosted during the 80s, as well as the complete 1988 and 1990 seasons.


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