Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Luttenbergerweg 22
Hellendoorn, Overijssel, Netherlands

Operating since

Telephone: +31 548 659 159

Operating Roller Coasters: 4

Balagos - Flying FlameSteelSit DownExtreme
RioolratSteelSit DownFamily
DonderstenenSteelSit DownFamily
RidderStrijdSteelSit DownThrill

Defunct Roller Coasters: 3

Black HoleSteelSit DownThrill
RioolratSteelSit DownThrill
AvonturenslangSteelSit DownFamily


Former namesElf Provinciën ( to )
OperatorLooping Group


Founded in 1936 as a teahouse. Playground equipment was added which proved to be successful. Gradually more and more were added. The name "Elf Provinciën" means "Eleven Provinces" (The Netherlands had 11 provinces at the time). In 1978 the park was transformed into Avonturenpark Hellendoorn ("Avonturenpark" meaning "Adventure Park").


On the cover of a LP single record (you know those black things with groves they had before CDs) produced by the park, there is a picture of a roller coaster. This roller coaster had a long white train as used on a Zierer Large Tivoli model. The park's former Avonturenslang was a Zierer Medium Tivoli model which used a much shorter train. It is believed the LP picture was not of the Avonturenslang, but a coaster at another park.


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