Quanthofer Str. 9
Salzhemmendorf, Lower Saxony, Germany

Operating since

Telephone: +49 5153 94070

Operating Roller Coasters: 4

AchterbahnSteelSit DownFamily
Holta Di PoltaSteelSit DownKiddie
StrohnadoSteelSit DownFamily
VerrücktwärtsSteelSit DownFamily


The name Rasti-Land is derived from the Rasti bricks, a Lego-like building brick. The Rasti bricks originated from Germany but were manufactured in Argentina. The building bricks became popular in South America as well as in Germany during the 1960's en 1970's. Since 2007, the bricks are once again being manufactured and experiencing a revived interest in South America.
The name Rasti referred to the fix and sturdy way the bricks clicked together. Rasti referred to the German verb rasten, 'to secure, to place firmly, to lock into its place'. In the park's early years, it featured a safari ride built out of Rasti bricks as well as a model of the old city of Hameln. Because of a lack of sufficient Rasti bricks no further Rasti brick rides were added and the link with the bricks disappeared over time.


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