Thrill Valley

1312, Fukusawa
Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan

Defunct, Operated from ? to 5/6/2002

Defunct Roller Coasters (5)

DangaiSteelStand Up1982 or earlier5/6/2002
Kiddy ShuttleSteelSit Down1998 or earlier1998 - 2002
Mad ClassicSteelSit Down1998 or earlier1998 - 2002
SL CoasterSteelSit Down1998 or earlier1998 - 2002


Former names:Odakyu Gotemba Family Land
Location:The park was built in two sections separated by a bridge over a steep gorge with a rushing river below. The west side contained the Gambit and the Dangai roller coasters while the other three were located on the east side. Today the Gotemba Premium Outlets exists in these two locations separated by the same bridge. The ferris wheel on the west side of the park still exists with the original sign replaced with a "PREMIUM OUTLETS" sign.
History:Odakyu Gotemba Family Land was initially just an amusement park. At some time prior to 2002 many rides were removed, the name was changed to Thrill Valley and the Gotemba Premium Outlet mall was built. It is believed the initial phase of the Gotemba Premium Outlet mall consumed the land east of the gorge and in 2002, the west side of the park was closed and replaced by a second phase of the mall.
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