Kernie's Familienpark

Griether Straße 110-120
Kalkar, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Operating since

Telephone: +49 2824 9100

Operating Roller Coasters: 1

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Kernie's Familienpark is named after its mascot Kernie. Nuclear power in German is called 'Atomkraft' or 'Kernenergie', hence the name 'Kernie'.


Kernie's Familienpark is part of the Wunderland Kalkar resort.


Kernie's Familienpark/Wunderland Kalkar was started by Van der Most Beheer B.V.
Kernie's Familienpark/Wunderland Kalkar was sold to DeFabrique Holding, a recreation company from the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Kernie's Familienpark is built on the land of a never completed atomic power plant. The atomic power plant project was canceled early enough that no radioactive material was ever brought onto the site. The cooling tower (the cylindrical shape you see of many atomic power plants) was built and is now used as a rock climbing wall. With a cost of +/- 3.6 billion Euro, it us considered to be one of Germany's most expensive industrial ruines of all times.

Pop Culture

The music video for the song 'Nimmerland' by German group 'Captain Disko' was filmed at Kernie's Familienpark.


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